Jason Woofenden

Freelance Computer Programmer

About Jason

I work out of my home in Providence, Rhode Island. I discovered computer programming in 1991 when I was eleven years old. I had fun learning, experimenting and making little computer games. In high school I incorporated computer programming into my homeschooling curriculum. That's when I discovered that it was more than just interesting — I was hooked. Right out of high school, I started turning these skills and interest into a career by getting a job at Tracer Technologies, a software and website development firm in Manhattan. When I couldn't take the city anymore, I moved to Connecticut where I worked for a small firm in which I got to do just about everything technical — from the servers to the office networking — and of course making lots of complex websites.

I started my own freelance business building websites in 2002. Over the next few years I built it from a few hours a week to what I have today — a healthy little enterprise that supports my simple lifestyle.