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descriptionContractor Progress; a website for tracking projects including itemized pricing
last changeThu, 7 Mar 2013 13:21:29 +0000 (08:21 -0500)
2013-03-07 Jason Woofendenupdate wfpl and templates master
2010-03-21 Jason Woofendenfixed login on tiny_agreement page
2009-11-04 Jason Woofendenreorganized main page, and got my name out of the code
2009-11-04 Jason Woofendenupdated to latest wfpl
2009-10-14 Jason WoofendenTweaked "Switch Login" page
2009-10-14 Jason Woofendenclients are now sorted by name
2009-09-05 Jason Woofendenstop showing tiny agreement to contractor when he switc...
2009-06-25 Jason Woofendenupdated documentation, and source link
2009-06-25 Jason Woofendenadded code/wfpl submodule
2009-06-25 Jason Woofendenauto-queue finally works for contractor entering a...
2009-05-26 Jason Woofendenreally made it so you can put tasks on hold. contractor...
2009-05-26 Jason Woofendenimproved wording of messages
2009-05-26 Jason Woofendenclients can put tasks on hold
2009-03-31 Jason Woofendenfixed bugs: 1) admin couldn't edit tasks, 2) price...
2009-03-30 Jason Woofendenimages can cache indefiniteley, fixed wording on accoun...
2009-03-12 Jason Woofendenimproved contractor nav links: removed 'report a bug...
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