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improve selection handling, hover
[crayon_mockup.git] / styl.styl
2015-09-20 Jason Woofendenimprove selection handling, hover
2015-09-19 Jason Woofendendrag offset, proper box proximity, hover
2015-08-29 Jason Woofendentweak for firefox
2015-08-29 Jason Woofendenswitch to dragging interface
2015-07-20 Jason Woofendenlooks like crayon
2015-05-25 Jason Woofendencss bump
2015-05-25 Jason Woofendenimplement delete tool, clean up tool init
2015-05-25 Jason Woofendenclean up tool helper buttons
2015-05-25 Jason Woofendenclean up tool button handling and appearance