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2015-05-25 Jason Woofendencss bump
2015-05-25 Jason Woofendenimplement delete tool, clean up tool init
2015-05-25 Jason Woofendenclean up tool helper buttons
2015-05-25 Jason Woofendenclean up tool button handling and appearance
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendenadd tutorial tool, stub edit/delete
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendenwrap draw tool in an object
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendencleanup instructions, add esc/cancel
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendenadd keybindings
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendentrack changes, merge paths, show line to mouse, etc
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendenimprove instructions
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendeninitial spike
2015-05-24 Jason Woofendenroot