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fix keys pressed while kbspawn key is still down
[dwm.git] / dwm.1
2013-05-01 Anselm R Garbeadded st to SEE ALSO section
2013-05-01 Anselm R Garbeuse st as default terminal from now on
2011-10-26 Connor Lane Smithadd nmaster binds to manpage
2009-09-16 Anselm R Garbeimplemented dynamic layout symbol stuff
2009-08-16 Anselm R Garbeapplied nsz's dwm.1 patch, also added wmname
2009-07-20 Anselm R Garbeapplied nsz' man page comment, thanks!
2009-07-20 Anselm R Garbemerge
2009-07-20 Anselm R Garberemoved Standard input hint
2009-07-18 Anselm R Garbeapplied nsz' dwm.1 fixes, thanks Szabolcs!
2009-07-13 Anselm R Garberemoved obsolete BUG
2009-07-09 Anselm R Garbeextended man page to mention number of visible windows
2009-07-02 Anselm R Garbechanged focusmon/tagmon to work on prev/next instead...
2008-12-12 a@nullapplied Neale Pickett's xprop status reading patch...
2008-06-23 Anselm R Garbeapplied James Turner's dwm.1 patch, thanks James!
2008-06-19 Anselm R Garbeuntested monocle
2008-06-15 Anselm R Garbeupdated man page regarding Mod1-m
2008-05-26 Anselm R Garbeapplied yiyus domax patch with slight modifications
2008-05-19 anselm@anselm1simplification
2008-05-19 Anselm R Garbemake it easier for the user, if Xinerama support is...
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved monocle for now
2008-05-17 Anselm R Garberemoved the exact focus mechanism of next/prev window
2008-05-11 Anselm R Garberemoved Geom stuff, introduced updategeom() again,...
2008-05-11 Anselm R Garbeimplemented exact focus next, if arg != NULL to focus...
2008-03-24 Anselm R Garberevival of mfact and setmfact
2008-03-24 Anselm R Garbesetlayout and setgeom are now togglable again
2008-03-12 Anselm R Garbeupdated dwm(1)
2008-03-06 Anselm R Garbenew stuff
2008-03-05 Anselm R Garbeimplemented the stuff as I discussed on dwm@
2008-03-05 Anselm R Garberenamed maximise to monocle again.
2008-03-04 anselm@anselm1renamed monocle into maxmise, documented the keybinding...
2007-12-09 Anselm R. Garbesimplified Mod-m
2007-12-08 Anselm R. Garbeimplemented reapply for re-applying the tagging rules...
2007-10-10 Anselm R. Garbeadded Mod1-Tab description to dwm.1
2007-09-30 Anselm R. Garbefixed man page
2007-09-18 Anselm R. Garbeapplied Peter Hartlich's togglemax patch to allow toggl...
2007-09-17 arg@suckless.orgmade all stuff non-static - so you can choose wether...
2007-09-16 Anselm R. GarbeMod1-Button2 on a floating but not-fixed client will...
2007-09-16 Anselm R. Garbenow tiled windows can be resized/moved, their floating...
2007-08-26 Anselm R. Garbeprepared 4.4.1 bugfix and minor feature enhancement...
2007-08-10 Anselm R. Garberemoved VRATIO, NMASTER, inc*(), renamed HRATIO into...
2007-08-05 Anselm R. Garbeapplied Jukka's dwm.1 patch
2007-08-05 Anselm R. Garbechanged shortcuts as described on the mailinglist,...
2007-05-15 Anselm R. Garbeadded new Mod1-b functionality to dwm(1)
2007-05-14 Anselm R. Garbeadded the GTK Save-As bug report to BUGS section of...
2007-02-26 Anselm R. GarbeEscape -s in dwm.1
2007-02-23 Anselm R. Garbereplacing Mod1-i with Mod1-Shift-j, Mod1-d with Mod1...
2007-02-23 Anselm R. Garbewell I agree to several people claiming h/j/k/l is...
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garberenamed untiled into floating, keeping tiled instead...
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garbehahaha, untiled and non-untiled sounded really cumbersome
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garberenamed versatile into untiled
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garberestoring default keybindings as Sander complained
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garberemoved button4/5-bindings for incnmaster on mode label...
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garbefixed order of key bindings described in dwm.1
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garbereusing drawsquare for client title, empty square befor...
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garbedwm draws a small caret before the client title if...
2007-02-22 Anselm R. Garbeseveral changes, made togglemax extern and separated...
2007-02-19 Anselm R. Garberenames swim[ming] into versatile
2007-02-19 Anselm R. Garberenamed floating into swimming (this does not clash...
2007-02-19 Anselm R. Garbeintroduced Layout struct
2007-02-12 Anselm R. Garbebugfix of bugfix (thx to Sander)
2007-02-12 Anselm R. Garbefixed a bug
2007-02-12 Anselm R. Garbeduring writing 2wm.1 I noticed some bugs in dwm.1
2007-01-26 Anselm R. Garberegarding to plan9.bell-labs.com/sources/contrib/rsc...
2007-01-26 Anselm R. Garberenamed CAVEATS into BUGS
2007-01-17 Anselm R. Garbemoved BORDERPX to config.*.h
2007-01-14 Anselm R. Garberemoved client title bar
2007-01-10 Anselm R. Garbeadded Button{4,5} description to dwm.1
2007-01-07 Anselm R. Garbesmall grammar fix of dwm.1
2007-01-07 Anselm R. Garbechanged a term in dwm.1
2007-01-05 Anselm R. Garberemoved the term clients from dwm.1
2007-01-05 Anselm R. Garbechanged shortcuts to M-i and M-d
2007-01-05 Anselm R. Garbechanged plus key to MODKEY-Shift-plus (US-layout restri...
2007-01-05 Anselm R. Garbeadded MODKEY-{plus,minus} shortcuts (increasing/decreas...
2006-12-13 arg@mig29applied Sanders patch
2006-12-13 arg@mig29fixed man page, status bar displays EOF instead of...
2006-12-13 arg@mig29added the java odyssee to CAVEATS section
2006-12-07 arg@mig29we don't use the term clients anymore, windows is the...
2006-12-01 arg@mig29and the winner is
2006-12-01 arg@mig29less obtrusive indicator (only a top line)
2006-12-01 arg@mig29final2 indicator
2006-12-01 arg@mig29final indicators
2006-11-30 arg@mig29removed viewall(), replaced with view(-1); added tag...
2006-11-28 arg@mig29extended dwm.1 with last change
2006-11-27 arg@mig29added man page entry
2006-11-25 arg@mig29applied Manuels patch (thanks to Manuel!)
2006-11-24 arg@mig29small fix of man page
2006-11-23 arg@mig29using the term 'indicated' instead of 'higlighted'
2006-11-23 arg@mig29updated man page with the bottom right corner indicator
2006-10-31 arg@mig29applied Gottox patch to simplify the resizing of col...
2006-10-05 Anselm R. Garberemoved the stack position stuff
2006-10-05 Anselm R. Garbefinal fix for man page
2006-10-05 Anselm R. GarbeButton3 click on mode label toggles stack position now
2006-09-29 Anselm R. Garbedocumented the new behavior in man page
2006-09-28 Anselm R. Garberenamed column into area
2006-09-22 arg@mmviman page fix
2006-09-22 arg@mmvifixed issue pointed out by Jukka
2006-09-22 arg@mmvismall man page fix
2006-09-22 arg@mmviupdated man page
2006-09-20 arg@mmvifixed a nuance in dwm.1
2006-09-08 Anselm R. Garbereally small changes to dwm.1