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prepared 0.3
[dwm.git] / event.c
2006-07-19 arg@10ksloc.orgprepared 0.3
2006-07-19 arg@10ksloc.orgrefactored Sanders code somewhat
2006-07-19 arg@10ksloc.orgapplied Sanders resize patch, fixed lower bug
2006-07-18 Anselm R. Garbeimplemened distinguishing float/managed geometries...
2006-07-18 Anselm R. Garbeadded heretag command which allows to tag a client...
2006-07-17 Anselm R. Garbeordered variables in structs and source files alphabeti...
2006-07-15 Anselm R. Garbeseveral additions in mouse handling ;)
2006-07-15 Anselm R. Garbefixed XSync handling and finished man page
2006-07-15 Anselm R. Garbechanging XFlush into XSync
2006-07-15 Anselm R. Garbesanitized other stuff
2006-07-15 Anselm R. Garbeproceeded with cleaning up, sorting functions, etc
2006-07-15 Anselm R. Garberearranged several stuff
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbesanitized names
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garberearranged
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbedraw bar on exposure ;)
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbesearching for a better way to discard enter notifies
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbemade barclick to select the specific tag
2006-07-14 Anselm R. Garbecontinued with man page
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbeadded mini stuff
2006-07-13 Anselm R. Garbechanged default colors
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garberemoved unnecessary crap
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garbebefore leaning things up
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garbenew stuff, fixed several issues
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garbeadded gravity stuff
2006-07-12 Anselm R. Garbesimplified several portions of code through replacing...
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbefixed configurerequest
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbesome more additions/fixes
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbefixed several other stuff, coming closer to something...
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeimplemented draw_client stuff
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbemade code more readable
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded basic mouse support (actually we don't need more)
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded mouse-based resizals
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeseveral changes, new stuff
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded protocol killing stuff
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeadded gridsel to gridwm
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbechanged how manage client works
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbefixed several stuff (gridwm gets better and better)
2006-07-11 Anselm R. Garbeimplemented pipe_spawn
2006-07-10 Anselm R. Garbeadded several other stuff