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draw connections between selected tiles
[hexbog.git] / main.coffee
2013-11-27 Jason Woofendendraw connections between selected tiles
2013-11-26 Jason Woofendenadd comments about controll flow
2013-11-26 Jason Woofendenremove redundant Array.clone()
2013-11-26 Jason Woofendendeselect when clicking disabled tiles
2013-11-26 Jason Woofendengets harder (way too slowly) as you play
2013-11-25 Jason Woofendenhold blip effects in a data structure
2013-11-24 Jason Woofendenoptimize wiktionary parsing
2013-11-24 Jason Woofendenproper data structures for spaces, columns, etc
2013-11-24 Jason Woofendenno need for crazy array maniplulation
2013-11-10 Jason Woofendenfirst stab at saving hp too
2013-11-04 Jason Woofendenbetter effects for blipping
2013-11-04 Jason Woofendennew tiles get at least 4 hp
2013-11-04 Jason WoofendenMerge remote-tracking branch 'sbd/master'
2013-11-03 Jason Woofendenclicking mid-word restarts selection
2013-11-03 Jason Woofendenfix todo comments
2013-11-03 Jason Woofendenmake it a bit easier, more unflipping
2013-11-02 Jason Woofendencan't click dead tiles
2013-11-02 Jason Woofendengets harder as you play
2013-11-02 Jason Woofendenunsink/flip tiles when you make words
2013-10-29 Jason Woofendenold tiles fade
2013-10-29 Jason Woofendenmerge game state arrays into good structures
2013-10-29 Jason Woofendenmake selection display clickable (when it's a word)
2013-10-13 Jason Woofendenavoid "alternative spelling of ..." definitions
2013-10-13 Jason WoofendenMerge branch 'sbd'
2013-10-13 Jason Woofendentips, instructions, better selection display
2013-10-12 Jason Woofendenavoid "alternative form of ..." definitions
2013-05-02 Jason Woofendenfix parsing of wiktionary's html
2013-04-15 Jason Woofendenclean up and comment code in blip_selection
2013-04-15 Chang LiuChange the new tile animation
2013-02-22 Jason Woofendensay when we're waiting for a definition
2013-02-22 Jason Woofendenshow definition failure in definition tab
2013-02-21 Jason Woofendenreplace log tab with donate tab
2013-02-21 Jason Woofendenactivate on return/enter, cancel on esc
2013-02-21 Jason Woofendengo to dictionary tab on blip
2013-02-21 Jason Woofendenlog tab: show score for each word blipped
2013-02-21 Jason Woofendenon blip, switch to definition tab (if instructing)
2013-02-20 Jason Woofendenchange layout, factor out css, use lesscss
2013-01-15 Jason Woofendencalculate letter frequency from wordlist
2012-12-18 Jason Woofendenbasic gameplay working