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descriptionPeachCGT; Card table simulator for testing games like wtactics
last changeFri, 30 May 2014 19:23:11 +0000 (15:23 -0400)
2014-05-30 Jason Woofendenregister coffeescript compiler master
2014-05-30 Jason Woofendenbump node version (no changes needed)
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenfix keepalive
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendentry a little harder to send keepalive
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendensend a space every 12 seconds for keepalive
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenfix get/set url generation/parsing
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenadd debugging
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenchange hosting credit
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendensupport heroku's env var for port number
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendendeclare dependancy on lesscss
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendendon't specify localhost
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenadd metadata for running on heroku
2012-02-18 Jason Woofendenmore debug messages
2012-02-18 Jason Woofendendebugging messages for requires
2012-02-18 Jason Woofendenset working directory in js wrapper script
2012-01-27 Jason Woofendenbetter way to get cwd right
6 years ago master