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2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenpreserve <script> tags and whitespace in plaintext... master
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenfix demo page title
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenadd to demo: svg, comment, style, script
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendencreate wysiwyg elements in correct namespace
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenset node.parent on <script> and comments
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendencode cleanup (no IE8 support)
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenfix parser_tests.js to use new api
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenchange parser api again
2017-05-18 Jason Woofendentrack editor focus with textarea
2017-05-18 Jason Woofendenwhitespace cleanup
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendensans for editor UI (readability small)
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendencode cleanup
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendendon't leave empty style attributes
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendenround-trip newlines at start of pre, textare, listing
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendendon't encode text inside tags that don't parse that way
2017-05-16 Jason Woofendenfix link, tweak text
2017-05-16 Jason Woofendenupdate docs/README
2017-05-14 Jason Woofendenimprove comments
2017-05-14 Jason Woofendenfix whitespace preservation
2017-05-13 Jason Woofendenno more stylus, cleanup
2017-05-13 Jason Woofendenconvert editor to javascript, fix
2017-05-12 Jason Woofendenchange parser api (breaks editor)
2017-05-12 Jason Woofendenparser tests to javascript
2017-05-12 Jason Woofendenconvert parser to javascript
2016-06-16 Jason Woofendenupdate comments
2016-06-16 Jason Woofendenremove unused method
2016-06-16 Jason Woofendencode cleanup (move function into class)
2016-06-16 Jason Woofendenremove obsolete debugging code
2016-05-28 Jason Woofendencomments, function rename
2016-05-25 Jason Woofendenreplace del key hack with one that uses backspace code
2016-05-25 Jason Woofendenbackspace fixes: removing emptied parents, etc
2016-05-25 Jason Woofendenfix cursor after removing text not-first text node
2016-05-25 Jason Woofendenremove debugging code, fix indentation
2016-05-24 Jason Woofendenfix bug from recent backspace rewrite
2016-05-24 Jason Woofendendone with background gradient
2016-05-24 Jason Woofendenrewrite backspace to use text runs/etc
2016-04-12 Jason Woofendenuse new text_cleanup in place of old func
2016-04-12 Jason Woofendenmostly working text-run cleanup
2016-04-08 Jason Woofendenstop testing empty paragraph
2016-04-08 Jason Woofendenstop testing page break char
2016-04-08 Jason Woofendenfix @insert_character: don't assume at cursor
2016-04-08 Jason Woofendenbackspace bugfixes (more to come)
2016-04-08 Jason Woofendenimprove backspacing accross tag boundaries
2016-04-02 Jason Woofendenincomplete: deleting barrier between blocks
2016-03-31 Jason WoofendenMerge remote-tracking branch 'tably/master'
2016-03-30 Jason Woofendenoptimize whitespace dedup
2016-03-30 Jason Woofendenpage up: cursor to start if scrolled top already
2016-03-30 Jason Woofendenpage down key: cursor to end if scrolled bot already
2016-03-30 Jason Woofendencursor into view: allow to go top/bottom of doc
2016-03-29 Jason Woofendenimplement page-down key
2016-03-29 Jason Woofendenimplement page-up key
2016-03-26 Jason Woofendenremove empty pragraph from example input
2016-03-26 Jason Woofendenfix backspace of last character in a block
2016-03-26 Jason Woofendencan delete empty blocks with backspace (rough)
2016-03-26 Jason Woofendencode cleanup: better checking for tree-top
2016-03-26 Jason Woofendenauto-drop spaces created by enter key
2016-03-26 Jason Woofendenstart implementing enter key
2016-03-25 Jason Woofendenimplement escape key (kill cursor)
2016-03-25 Jason Woofendenimplement keys: home, end
2016-03-25 Jason Woofendenup/down keys remember orig x past short lines
2016-03-24 Jason Woofendenmake the content true (text-only changes)
2016-03-24 Jason Woofendenscroll cursor into view when it moves
2016-03-24 Jason Woofendenworkaround for shrinking content height on chrome
2016-03-22 Jason Woofendenmake index.html with links to readme and demos
2016-03-20 Jason Woofendenreplase odd whitespace characters with spaces where...
2016-03-20 Jason Woofendenauto set/clear whitespace css on delete/backspace too
2016-03-20 Jason Woofendenbugfix: text insert one character from the end
2016-03-20 Jason Woofendenchrome bugfix: cursor at end in pre-wrap
2016-03-20 Jason Woofendenpreserve spaces as needed while typing
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendenfix typing (broken by CursorPosition)
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendenimplement down arrow to move cursor
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendencode cleanup: var/func renames
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendencleanup: don't reset cursor animation on move
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendencreate/use CursorPosition class (includes x,y)
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendenfix click offset bug
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendenclean up testing color scheme
2016-03-18 Jason Woofendenimplement real up-arrow key
2016-03-17 Jason Woofendenstart on cursor-up key
2016-03-16 Jason Woofendenbugfix: cursor prev when at first position
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendendelay editable content loading 'til css is ready
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendendon't scroll to top when content height changes
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendenadjust to size of content after css loads
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendenno scrollbars on @iframe (even when overflow-x)
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendenstyle editor frame for non-white parent pages
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendentest cursor on more background colors
2016-03-15 Jason Woofenden(strange) cursor: always visible on anything
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendencursor blinks black/white
2016-03-15 Jason Woofendenfix loading css for editable content
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendencheck for visibility:hidden/collapsed too
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenhide cursor/etc when focus leaves iframe
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenfix typing several symbols
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendennote findings on acceptable attributes
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenremove cursor when clicking on nothing
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendencursor hight fits text size
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenblock bogus and javascripty attributes
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenfix code to block loading scripts/etc
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenannotations work on dark background
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenrestyle annotations
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenparser: use strings for node types
2016-03-13 Jason Woofendenfix crash (left-arrow past invisible/broken node)