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descriptionPeach Editor — A WYSIWYG HTML5 Editor for the browser
last changeWed, 7 Jun 2017 05:06:16 +0000 (01:06 -0400)
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenpreserve <script> tags and whitespace in plaintext... master
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenfix demo page title
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenadd to demo: svg, comment, style, script
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendencreate wysiwyg elements in correct namespace
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenset node.parent on <script> and comments
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendencode cleanup (no IE8 support)
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenfix parser_tests.js to use new api
2017-06-07 Jason Woofendenchange parser api again
2017-05-18 Jason Woofendentrack editor focus with textarea
2017-05-18 Jason Woofendenwhitespace cleanup
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendensans for editor UI (readability small)
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendencode cleanup
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendendon't leave empty style attributes
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendenround-trip newlines at start of pre, textare, listing
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendendon't encode text inside tags that don't parse that way
2017-05-16 Jason Woofendenfix link, tweak text
3 years ago master