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fix bug where first selection snaps to lines
[st.git] / TODO
2015-03-14 Christoph LohmannTODO: Fix fontconfig
2014-05-24 Christoph LohmannBrightening is again on the TODO list.
2014-04-05 Christoph LohmannUpdating the TODO in preparating for 0.5.
2013-09-07 Christoph LohmannWide character support.
2013-08-05 Eric PruittUse character size scaling factors
2013-07-04 Alexander SedovRemove long text being cropped/wrapped to standard...
2013-03-29 Christoph LohmannUpdating the TODO file for after 0.4.
2013-02-23 Christoph LohmannAdd umlaut support for title change.
2013-01-20 Christoph LohmannRemoving BCE from the TODO list.
2013-01-16 Christoph LohmannAdding a nasty resize bug. Maybe it can be fixed.
2012-12-11 Christoph LohmannAdding error checks for XCreateIC and XOpenIM.
2012-11-15 Christoph LohmannChanging the TODO to the current state.
2012-11-13 Roberto E. Vargas... Add missed key definitions
2012-10-31 Christoph LohmannCleaning up the TODO file.
2012-09-24 Christoph LohmannAdding a TODO for xft fallback.
2012-09-17 Christoph LohmannRedrawing is fixed.
2012-09-16 Christoph LohmannRemove some solved issues and add some new.
2012-09-16 Roberto E. Vargas... Remove timeout in the main loop
2012-09-05 Christoph LohmannAdding the removal of the timeouts to the TODO.
2012-09-05 Christoph LohmannImplement italic font support.
2012-09-04 Christoph LohmannAdd to TODO to make function keys work.
2012-09-04 Christoph LohmannDisable BCE again.
2012-09-04 Christoph LohmannRemoving the resize issue from the TODO file.
2012-09-04 Christoph LohmannAnother thing for TODO – resize.
2012-09-04 Christoph LohmannUpdating the TODO and enabling BCE.
2012-08-29 Christoph LohmannAdd OSC, DSC, PM, APC and settitle.
2012-02-27 Aurélien Aptelupdate TODO.
2012-02-15 Aurélien Aptelshow dark cursor when unfocused.
2011-09-16 Aurélien Aptelremove dup of default window size.
2011-04-21 Aurélien Aptelupdate TODO
2010-09-01 Aurélien Aptelupdated TODO.
2009-06-11 Aurélien Aptelupdated TODO.
2009-05-14 Aurélien Aptelupdated TODO.
2009-05-10 Anselm R Garbebackport of local changes
2008-07-09 Matthias-Christian Ottremove TODO
2008-06-09 Matthias-Christian Ottupdate TODO
2008-05-11 arg@localhost.loca... added new TODO