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2014-12-10 Jason Woofendenmake the backspace and delete keys work like it's the...
2014-12-10 Jason Woofendeninstall into /home/jasonwoof/software/virt
2014-11-11 Eric PruittCheck for presence of SHELL environment variable
2014-11-03 czarkoff@gmail.comReplace character with U+FFFD if wcwidth() is -1
2014-10-21 Quentin RameauAvoid failing when embedding with a Window id of 0
2014-10-21 Christoph LohmannReverting smacs and rmacs to the xterm defaults.
2014-10-15 Roberto E.... Do not set SHELL to utmp ever
2014-10-13 CustaiCopatch for bell in st
2014-10-08 Roberto E.... Use G1 for alternate charset
2014-10-08 Roberto E.... Add LS2 and LS3
2014-10-08 Roberto E.... Fix SI and SO
2014-09-29 Christoph LohmannRemoving an extra space.
2014-09-29 Christoph LohmannMinor style changes for the last patch.
2014-09-29 Christoph LohmannImplementing xzoomreset.
2014-09-23 Roberto E.... Add missed names of charset sequences
2014-09-23 Roberto E.... Add support for utmp in st
2014-09-09 Roberto E.... Remove indentation level in xdrawcursor
2014-08-23 Ben HendricksonRemoving wrapping newlines from selection
2014-08-21 Ivan DelalandeChange the behavior of word snapping on delimiters
2014-08-21 Ivan DelalandeMove calls to selsnap into selnormalize
2014-08-20 Alexander HuemerImprove readability of enum members
2014-08-20 Roberto E.... Add eschandle()
2014-08-20 Roberto E.... Improve execsh() and don't allow anonymous shells
2014-08-19 Roberto E.... Fix definition of CONTROLC0
2014-08-19 Roberto E.... Make useful DEL in application mode
2014-08-19 Quentin Carbonneauxreset the alt screen in treset
2014-08-19 Quentin Carbonneauxsimplify loop in tresize
2014-08-18 Alexander HuemerSimplify README
2014-08-17 Roberto E.... Fix man page and usage()
2014-08-15 Roberto E.... Convert VT102ID to a config variable
2014-08-15 Roberto E.... Fix portability problem in techo()
2014-08-10 nonameDon't set dirty all lines because tswapcreen do it
2014-08-10 nonametresize return value is not used
2014-08-07 Roberto E.... Remove ul capability
2014-08-07 Roberto E.... Unset mode when clearing regions
2014-08-04 Roberto E.... Add error message when child exits whit error
2014-07-31 Roberto E.... Remove difference between fast and slow blinking
2014-07-26 Michael ForneyFix disabling of bold and fastblink
2014-07-26 Wolfgang Corcoran... Add info about Backspace and Delete to the FAQ
2014-07-25 Roberto E.... Add info about Backspace and Delete to the FAQ
2014-07-25 Roberto E.... Add information about librt and OpenBSD to the FAQ
2014-07-24 Roberto E.... Add information about librt and OpenBSD to the FAQ
2014-07-21 Roberto E.... Add information about librt and OpenBSD to the FAQ
2014-07-21 Wolfgang Corcoran... Very minor grammar fixes in FAQ
2014-07-19 Weng XuetianFix st with input method.
2014-07-15 Eric PruittChanged inconsistent indent
2014-07-08 Roberto E.... Add 8 bit version of DCS, APC, PM, OSC
2014-07-08 Roberto E.... Add 8 bit version of HTS
2014-07-08 Roberto E.... Add 8 bit version of NEL
2014-07-08 Roberto E.... Add 8 bit version of DECID
2014-07-08 Anders EureniusRender faint attribute
2014-07-08 Ivan DelalandeRemove all strcmp and strlen calls on Glyph.c[]
2014-06-30 Christoph LohmannMaking surf compile again with rt.
2014-06-27 Anders EureniusRender struck-out attribute
2014-06-27 Anders EureniusRender invisible attribute
2014-06-27 Anders EureniusReorder and extend glyph attributes
2014-06-26 Roberto E.... Remove CEIL macro
2014-06-26 Ivan DelalandeFixed wrong nanosecond factor 10E6.
2014-06-24 FRIGNUse monotonic clock to prevent timing issues
2014-06-21 Eric PruittFix typo in config.def.h
2014-06-21 Troy Sankeyupdate size hints on zoom
2014-06-15 Silvan JegenRefactor the innermost loop of the xdraws function
2014-06-11 Hiltjo PosthumaFAQ: update typo and escape code for smkx
2014-06-07 Christoph LohmannStyle police.
2014-06-07 Roberto E.... Simplify tdeftrans
2014-06-06 FRIGNRemove unnecessary typedef
2014-06-05 ColonaRefactor selsnap SNAP_WORD.
2014-06-04 ColonaFix rectangular selection.
2014-06-04 Hiltjo Posthumatiny cleanup
2014-06-04 ColonaMake selection consistent over line breaks.
2014-06-01 Christoph LohmannFixing color and refactor xsetcolorname.
2014-06-01 Christoph LohmannRevert "Refactor xsetcolorname()"
2014-06-01 FRIGNRefactor xsetcolorname()
2014-06-01 Balazs KezesDon't report release events for mouse wheel
2014-06-01 Christoph LohmannFixing italic bold.
2014-05-27 AlexanderFixed copying empty lines inside selection.
2014-05-24 Christoph LohmannFix some more LICENSE changes.
2014-05-24 FRIGNAdd FRIGN to License, remove trailing whitespace
2014-05-24 Christoph LohmannBrightening is again on the TODO list.
2014-05-24 Christoph LohmannFixing trailing whitespaces.
2014-05-24 FRIGNFix colour-model and simplify xloadcols()
2014-05-14 Hiltjo PosthumaAllow mouse selection override using ShiftMask
2014-05-09 Christoph LohmannRedraw needs all dirty lines to have flash etc. work.
2014-05-09 ColonaEnd a sequence only on CAN, SUB, \a and C1s.
2014-05-09 ColonaAlso clears ESC_START on interrupt characters during...
2014-05-02 nonameConsistent FALLTHROUGH comments.
2014-04-30 Roberto E.... Fix displaying control code
2014-04-29 Roberto E.... Remove ATTR_GFX and tselcs
2014-04-29 nonameDo not save cursor in tresize.
2014-04-28 nonameSimplify selected().
2014-04-28 nonameDo not export chscale and cwscale.
2014-04-28 nonameSimplify xunloadfonts.
2014-04-28 nonameRemove one indentation level in getsel().
2014-04-28 nonameRemove unused dump() function.
2014-04-28 nonameAdd missing function prototypes.
2014-04-28 nonameUse MODBIT in xseturgency.
2014-04-28 nonameCompute ena_sel as one expression.
2014-04-28 Roberto E.... Simplify expressions in tputc()
2014-04-28 Roberto E.... Fix misplaced break
2014-04-28 Roberto E.... Create a function for DEC test