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2015-03-24 Jason Woofendennumbered links: don't bind ^C
2013-12-04 Jason Woofendennumbered_links: ignore keypresses with control key...
2013-08-31 Jason Woofendentweak clicking/activating, more keybindings
2013-08-31 Jason Woofendenindent with tabs everywhere
2013-08-31 Jason Woofendenblur on ESC, don't propogate bound key events
2013-08-31 Jason Woofendennumbered_links: add dvorak scrolling keybindings
2013-08-31 Jason Woofendenmake numberlinks work in chromium, cleanup
2011-09-02 Jason Woofendennumbered_links: halt events for us, etc.
2010-01-23 Jason Woofendennumbered links in google chrome!