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description.vim/syntax; official upstream for ~/.vim/syntax/php.vim (don't mind the other files)
last changeThu, 21 Jun 2018 03:23:26 +0000 (23:23 -0400)
2018-06-21 Jason Woofendendon't stop on foldmethod of other buffers master
2018-05-12 Jason Woofendenadd void to php keywords
2017-07-14 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: new keywords, folding for traits
2017-06-10 Jason Woofendenupdate list of openssl functions
2017-04-25 Jason Woofendencleanup whitespace and tweak docs wording
2017-04-25 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: correct docs about settings
2016-12-17 Jason Woofendenchanges by Bram (remove support for older than 6.0)
2016-12-11 Jason Woofendendrop vim < 5.8 (broken by theme compat anyway)
2016-12-05 Jason Woofendenbe consistent about abbreviating hi
2016-12-05 Jason Woofendenset all php colors and links as defaults
2016-07-27 Jason Woofendenfix spellchecking in strings, comments, heredocs
2016-06-28 Jason Woofendenadd more builtin functions
2015-12-26 Jason Woofendenadd new-ish class "magic methods"
2015-11-23 Jason Woofendendon't hilight inte integ boolea etc
2015-11-23 Jason Woofendenhilight string delemeters same as contents
2015-03-24 Jason Woofendenmove repo
2 years ago master