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fix a couple typos in the change log
[vor.git] / INSTALL
2016-05-22 Jason Woofendenmake note about povray-includes
2013-11-30 Jason Woofendenfix "Building From Git" instructions
2012-04-22 Jason Woofendenrewrite cross-compile instructions to MXE method
2011-01-06 Jason Woofendenfix typo in INSTALL
2009-09-02 Jason Woofendenupdated INSTALL for new build system
2007-02-16 Jason WoofendenChanges from August-November 2006 -- detailed history...
2006-02-02 Joshua Gramsminor rearrangements and the beginnings of a Windows...
2005-04-18 Jason Woofendenadded README and INSTALL (with dependancies :))