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fix a couple typos in the change log
[vor.git] / args.c
2009-12-09 Jason Woofendenseparate build dir works again
2009-12-09 Jason Woofendencompile in version number from configure.ac
2009-06-18 Jason Woofendenrenamed config.h -> vorconfig.h and Makefile -> Makefile.in
2009-04-27 Josh Grams* args.c: delete talk about arguments to options, since...
2007-05-08 Jason Woofendenfixed crashes, autopilot working
2007-02-17 Joshua Gramsremoved and renamed more variables.
2007-02-17 Joshua GramsRemoved unnecessary command-line options. 0.5
2007-02-17 Joshua GramsNo more svn in README, fixed contact form URL.
2007-02-17 Joshua Gramsmusic on by default
2007-02-16 Jason WoofendenChanges from August-November 2006 -- detailed history...
2006-04-12 Joshua Gramsincludes fixes
2006-04-12 Joshua Gramsplatform-independent arg parsing
2006-04-11 Joshua Gramsmore changes for windows
2005-07-10 Jason Woofendenraised max for -g to 200
2005-07-07 Joshua Grams* mt.c: Added (Mersenne Twister random number generator).
2005-07-07 Joshua GramsFriction doesn't make sense any more, dropped that.
2005-07-06 Joshua GramsWe now limit how far ahead you can get. This is measur...
2005-07-05 Joshua Gramsnew option --bounciness (default changed from 100%...