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fix a couple typos in the change log
[vor.git] / data /
2009-05-26 Jason Woofendenreplaced music with original work by Jason Woofenden...
2009-03-20 Jason WoofendenReplaced explosion with public domain version and delet...
2007-02-17 Joshua GramsRemoved old icons (now recommending ship.png).
2007-02-16 Joshua GramsAdded .gitignore, stopped tracking data/font.png.
2006-04-10 Joshua Gramsremoving most data subdirs
2005-07-04 Joshua GramsUpdated feature list in README
2005-05-01 Joshua Grams* main.c: removed a whole bunch of unnecessary src...
2005-04-07 Joshua Gramsdata/indicators/life.png: now built by povray from...
2005-04-06 Jason Woofendencustom rocks
2005-04-04 Joshua Gramsnow using netpbm stuff to generate proper ship image.
2005-04-04 Joshua GramsPOV-Ray ship -- somehow collision detection still seems...
2005-01-10 Joshua Gramsremoved deadrocks because they weren't being used.
2004-12-13 Joshua Gramschanged title banners
2004-12-13 Joshua GramsInitial Import of rockdodger 0.4.2 source