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stop busy-waiting while paused
[vor.git] / main.c
2009-04-26 Jason Woofendenstop busy-waiting while paused
2009-04-26 Jason Woofendenmusic pauses when game pauses and ends when game ends
2009-04-26 Jason WoofendenImproved keybindings: support numbad stearing instead...
2007-06-09 Jason Woofendencommented out framerate printf
2007-05-10 Joshua GramsMarked version 0.5.3.
2007-05-08 Joshua Grams* main.c: wrapped call to autopilot_fix_keystates.
2007-05-08 Jason Woofendenfixed crashes, autopilot working
2007-05-01 Jason Woofendenminimum frame time: 100ms, sprites grid includes just...
2007-04-02 Jason Woofendenpixels push rocks with their difference in speed, not...
2007-03-05 Joshua Gramssurf_screen and t_frame are globals; stopped passing...
2007-03-05 Joshua Grams* main.c: combined dot drawing functions.
2007-03-05 Joshua Grams* main.c (enginedots, bangdots): combined into a single...
2007-03-05 Joshua Grams* float.h (fwrap, fclip): new file.
2007-02-17 Joshua Gramsremoved and renamed more variables.
2007-02-17 Joshua GramsPut all ship-death code into kill_ship(), removed unnec...
2007-02-16 Jason WoofendenChanges from August-November 2006 -- detailed history...
2006-07-11 Jason Woofendenstarted fiddling with explosion graphics: now it's...
2006-06-29 Joshua Gramsoops, put background back
2006-06-29 Joshua Gramsprint total FPS
2006-06-28 Joshua Gramsmore refactoring in main.c
2006-06-26 Jason Woofendenstarted ship in the middle vertically (instead of the...
2006-06-22 Joshua Gramsnow scrolling to center of ship, not its top-left corner
2006-06-22 Joshua Gramsoops, was drawing *inactive* bang dots
2006-06-13 Joshua Gramsrefactoring main loop organization
2006-06-13 Joshua Gramsstarted factoring out global t_frame
2006-05-30 Jason Woofendenmade it so engine dots are created throughout the time...
2006-04-15 Jason Woofendenoops, didn't mean to commit those other files
2006-04-15 Jason Woofendenfixed crashing bug in move_dust() (bounds checking...
2006-04-14 Joshua Gramsoops, didn't fix bang dots correctly.
2006-04-14 Joshua Gramsparticle generation no longer depends on the framerate
2006-04-12 Joshua Gramsnow really removed SDL_SetAlpha calls on Windows
2006-04-12 Joshua Gramsslightly less half-assed event handling
2006-04-12 Joshua Gramsplatform-independent arg parsing
2006-04-11 Joshua Gramsmore changes for windows
2006-04-10 Joshua Gramsfinish moving data files around (I think)
2006-04-10 Joshua Gramsremoving most data subdirs
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramsremoved ship fade in code (unused)
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramsoops, missed some.
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramsmade bang dots hit rocks, removed blast_rocks function.
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramsrefactored messages a bit
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramsseparate scores for easy mode.
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramsfixed messages
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramseasy mode; messages at game over.
2006-03-25 Jason Woofendenengine dots push rocks
2006-03-25 Joshua Gramsremoved new ship fade, blast leaves rocks collidable...
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramsoops, pressing space was skipping high score entry.
2006-03-24 Joshua GramsRemoved control of ship during dead pause; the new...
2006-03-24 Joshua GramsMade it easier (I hope) to avoid getting killed twice...
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramsfade new ships in,
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramssprites now have a flag field (MOVE/DRAW/COLLIDE).
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramswe now return you to your regularly scheduled exploding...
2006-03-23 Joshua Gramsrenamed *_SPRITE to *, made rocks bounce off each other.
2006-03-23 Joshua Gramsbouncy ship :)
2006-03-22 Joshua Gramsmoved grid stuff from rocks.c to sprite.c
2006-03-21 Joshua GramsUpdated collide to take two sprites.
2006-03-21 Joshua Gramsrenamed shape files to sprite, added todo list to svn.
2006-03-21 Joshua Gramsrefactoring towards sprites, updated todo
2006-03-16 Jason Woofendencommented DEAD_PAUSE_LENGTH and updated URL
2006-02-02 Joshua Gramsminor rearrangements and the beginnings of a Windows...
2006-01-04 Joshua Grams* rocks.c: refactored stuff and fixed linked-list bug...
2005-07-11 Joshua Gramsfixed 2 more dot collision bugs (last ones?)
2005-07-10 Joshua Gramsnow deleting dots which hit rocks.
2005-07-10 Joshua Gramsoops, fixed off-by-one error in new_engine_dots
2005-07-10 Joshua Gramscleaned up bang dots code a bit
2005-07-09 Joshua Gramsremoved debug stuff because it ws useless.
2005-07-08 Joshua Gramsw00t! Finally rearranged the scroll equations so they...
2005-07-07 Joshua Grams* mt.c: Added (Mersenne Twister random number generator).
2005-07-07 Joshua GramsFriction doesn't make sense any more, dropped that.
2005-07-07 Joshua Gramsrenamed framelen and friends (again)
2005-07-06 Joshua GramsWe now limit how far ahead you can get. This is measur...
2005-07-06 Joshua GramsNow have a "barrier" (which can fall behind) to enforce...
2005-07-06 Joshua Gramsrenamed gamerate to framelen
2005-07-05 Joshua Gramsnew option --bounciness (default changed from 100%...
2005-07-04 Joshua GramsAdded constant SCREENDXMIN instead of using 7.5 everywhere.
2005-07-04 Joshua GramsRefactored Makefile
2005-07-04 Joshua GramsRemoved stupid speed indicator, gave screendx a minimum...
2005-05-03 Jason Woofendenfixed bug when you bounce off the left or right
2005-05-01 Joshua Grams* main.c: removed a whole bunch of unnecessary src...
2005-04-29 Joshua Gramsnumber of rocks on screen now starts at 25, gradually...
2005-04-29 Jason Woofendenmade closest stars a bit further away
2005-04-29 Joshua Gramsimproved ship placement/velocity (initial and after...
2005-04-28 Joshua Gramsadded constant MAX_DUST_DEPTHS.
2005-04-28 Joshua Gramshorizontal scrolling
2005-04-28 Joshua Gramsrock generation mostly works now.
2005-04-25 Jason Woofendenyou can quite regardles of game state
2005-04-23 Joshua Grams* main.c (gameloop): now stops scrolling up/down when...
2005-04-23 Joshua Grams* config.h: added CONDERROR and NULLERROR macros.
2005-04-07 Joshua Gramsadded constant GAMESPEED
2005-04-07 Joshua Gramsdeleted old collision-detection code.
2005-04-07 Joshua GramsBy Jove, I think I've got it!
2005-04-07 Joshua Gramsbbox collision detection.
2005-04-07 Joshua Gramsdata/indicators/life.png: now built by povray from...
2005-04-06 Jason Woofendencustom rocks
2005-04-06 Joshua Gramsfixed makebangdots to check surface's colorkey.
2005-03-14 Joshua GramsNo good paused banner, so I took out the code.
2005-02-21 Jason Woofendenreworked ship explosion:
2005-01-10 Joshua Gramsremoved deadrocks because they weren't being used.
2005-01-10 Joshua Gramsconfig.h - Added debug() macro, fixed Makefile and...
2005-01-03 Joshua Gramsrenames:
2005-01-02 Joshua Gramskowtowing to the compiler