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finish high-score entry on KP_ENTER too
[vor.git] / score.c
2009-02-02 Jason Woofendenfinish high-score entry on KP_ENTER too
2009-01-31 Jason Woofendenmade cursor blink when entering a high score
2007-03-05 Joshua Gramssurf_screen and t_frame are globals; stopped passing...
2007-02-16 Jason WoofendenChanges from August-November 2006 -- detailed history...
2006-04-12 Joshua Gramsslightly less half-assed event handling
2006-03-26 Joshua Gramsseparate scores for easy mode.
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramsfade new ships in,
2006-03-21 Joshua GramsUpdated collide to take two sprites.
2005-07-07 Joshua GramsMoved macros and such from config.h to common.h
2005-01-10 Joshua Gramsconfig.h - Added debug() macro, fixed Makefile and...
2005-01-04 Joshua Gramsfixes to new name input code
2005-01-02 Joshua Gramshmm...apparently you can't strdup a NULL pointer :)
2005-01-02 Joshua Grams* Switched over to using SFont 2.03, which doesn't...