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bump version to 0.5.8
[vor.git] / sprite.h
2020-04-18 Jason Woofendenadd missing "extern" (fixes FTBFS on gcc-10)
2011-01-25 Jason Woofendendestroy some rocks with bang dots
2007-05-01 Jason Woofendenminimum frame time: 100ms, sprites grid includes just...
2007-03-05 Joshua Gramssurf_screen and t_frame are globals; stopped passing...
2007-02-17 Joshua GramsPut all ship-death code into kill_ship(), removed unnec...
2006-06-13 Joshua Gramsstarted factoring out global t_frame
2006-03-25 Jason Woofendenengine dots push rocks
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramsfade new ships in,
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramssprites now have a flag field (MOVE/DRAW/COLLIDE).
2006-03-24 Joshua Gramswe now return you to your regularly scheduled exploding...
2006-03-23 Joshua Gramsrenamed *_SPRITE to *, made rocks bounce off each other.
2006-03-23 Joshua Gramsadded area back to get_shape, bounce() uses area.
2006-03-23 Joshua Gramsbouncy ship :)
2006-03-22 Joshua Gramsmoved grid stuff from rocks.c to sprite.c
2006-03-21 Joshua Gramsditched the separate shape struct.
2006-03-21 Joshua GramsUpdated collide to take two sprites.
2006-03-21 Joshua Gramsrenamed shape files to sprite, added todo list to svn.