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2015-08-24 Jason Woofendenrun.sh: complain if not passed width/height master
2015-04-03 Jason Woofendendon't show spaces at end of lines (better copy/paste)
2015-04-03 Jason Woofendenimplement: csi_@, csi_P, csi_h (aptitude flawless)
2015-04-03 Jason Woofendenfix esc seqs: csi_d, csi_G
2015-04-02 Jason WoofendenAdd commandline args for term dimensions
2015-04-02 Jason Woofendenfix bright bg, add ansi chars, more esc seqs
2013-04-18 Jason Woofendenadd .editorconfig
2013-04-10 Jason Woofendenhtmlterm: redraw on init
2013-04-10 Jason Woofendenfactor out htmlterm.coffee
2013-04-10 Jason Woofendenfix a comment
2013-02-01 Jason WoofendenMerge branch 'release/1.0' into develop
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenbump version number to 1.0 v1.0
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenadd README.md (including install instructions)
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenmove settings to the top of server.coffee
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenadd COPYING file (MIT License)
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenwrap lines in <code>s not <divs>
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenui: html-encode white text too
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendeninit: don't send spaces at end of lines
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendeninit: send normal screen too when on alt
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendeninit: encode terminal state as terminal output
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenindex.html: get rid of accidental padding
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenesc_* support, implement esc_M
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenlisten on port 2218
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenhave client's socket.io use same server as the page
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenterminal.coffee: only console.log() if it exists
2013-02-01 Jason Woofendenadd csi_M (scroll up to cursor)
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenrefactor to fix code duplication in line shuffling
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenadd csi_L (scroll backwards)
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenadd csi_r (scrolling region)
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendendisplay cursor, handle show/hide sequences
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenadd cursor incrementals movement: csi_[ABCD]
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenfix ESC[0m, implement italic, render invisible
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenparse and render inverse attribute
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenfix csi_H (off-by-one error)
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenwhen clearing, careful of cursor being after right...
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendendon't wrap after printing in last cell
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenfix backspace (it wraps and doesn't clear)
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenmake csi_J(0/1) clear part of current line too
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenmake csi_K (clear characters) inclusive always
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendencsiq_ prefix, alt screen flipping, clamp csi_H
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendenadd csi_J, fix csi_K(2)
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendencsi_* in alphabetic order in source
2013-01-31 Jason Woofendencsi_H, csi_K, better csi args cleaning/defaults
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenset default colors from palette
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenmove client js to client.coffee
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenname this project "watch-my-terminal"
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenhandle 256-color change sequences
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenstop pretending what fg white is 0
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenadd 256 color palette (not used yet)
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenadd next 8 colors (now 16)
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenparse in the client too, limit to 50fps
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenfix palette, go bright on bold
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenuse a color palette sorta from tango
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenfix and display colors, bold and underline
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenplain text flows and wraps properly
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenmove output to browser (from inspector)
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendenputtin' it all together
2013-01-30 Jason WoofendenMerge branch 'feature/socket-test' into develop
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendentest code to read stdin from script
2013-01-30 Jason Woofendeninitial parsing code (finds escape sequences)
2013-01-29 Jason Woofendenfiles testing/showing socket.io asynchiness
2013-01-29 Jason Woofendenget deps with npm install
2013-01-29 Jason WoofendenInitial commit