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2020-05-08 Jason Woofendensilence more warnings master
2020-05-05 Jason Woofendenprogress on webpacking css
2020-05-03 Jason Woofendenindent with spaces
2020-05-03 Jason Woofendenstarting css rewrite
2020-05-03 Jason Woofendenlatest wfpl fixes a warning
2019-01-31 Jason Woofendendon't lowercase downloadable file filenames
2018-07-19 Jason Woofendenfix typo in caption on /admin_header
2018-01-02 Jason Woofendencontact: implement honeypot instead of visible robot...
2017-06-29 Jason Woofendendrop ie 8 support
2017-06-21 Jason Woofendenrender timestamps
2017-06-21 Jason Woofendenlink to archived versions from page edit page
2017-06-21 Jason Woofendenfirst entry in page history links to actual page
2017-06-20 Jason Woofendenpage edit history
2017-06-08 Jason Woofendenremove sql files now that it's all in inc/db_upgrade.php
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendenremove unused spritesheet definitions
2017-05-16 Jason Woofendendb_upgrade rework, admin_header, cleanup
2016-08-12 Jason Woofendenremove debugging print
2016-05-11 Jason Woofendenremove garbage from compiled css
2016-05-11 Jason Woofendenexample code for scaling spritesheets
2016-04-19 Jason Woofendenremove '/' prefix on download links
2016-04-19 Jason Woofendenbump max upload filesize 20->200MB
2016-04-07 Jason Woofendenmake footer have small text
2016-04-07 Jason Woofendenlittle space below menu
2016-04-07 Jason Woofendenhover admin links top/right
2016-04-07 Jason Woofendenheader from cms image named "Header"
2016-04-04 Jason Woofendeninc password_hash backport in one more place
2016-02-23 Jason Woofendenstylus cleanup
2016-02-21 Jason Woofendendon't overwrite .centerer vmargin
2016-02-21 Jason Woofendenmake footer editable in cms
2016-02-21 Jason Woofendenwfpl bump
2016-02-18 Jason WoofendenMakefile: minify svg
2016-02-18 Jason Woofendenfix sql typo
2016-02-14 Jason Woofendenfix sidebar image widths
2016-02-14 Jason Woofendenscaling finally correct?!?
2016-02-08 Jason Woofendenmake contact form configurable
2016-01-02 Jason Woofendenfix ckeditor outer width dedup accross pages
2016-01-02 Jason Woofendenfix "Edit this page" admin link when no filename
2016-01-01 Jason Woofendenget a little more semantic
2016-01-01 Jason Woofendenauto-choose full layout if no cms
2016-01-01 Jason Woofendenshow sidebar even if it's empty
2016-01-01 Jason Woofendencenter when big, code cleanup
2016-01-01 Jason Woofendencan choose page layouts, edit sidebar, etc
2016-01-01 Jason Woofendensane/flexible stylus for columns
2015-12-28 Jason Woofendenoops, remove comment about already fixed
2015-12-28 Jason Woofendenfirst stab at paypal_ipn framework
2015-12-28 Jason Woofendenadd admin_email_templates
2015-11-13 Jason Woofendenmake "edit this page" link not conflict with edit pages
2015-11-12 Jason Woofendenupdate .git-ftp include (for css rename)
2015-11-12 Jason Woofendenwfpl_fi compatible with max-width
2015-11-12 Jason Woofendenmake admin_users compatible with login
2015-11-12 Jason Woofendenadd db_upgrade system
2015-11-10 Jason Woofendenallow sha1 trick for svgs in stylus
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenremoved unused code
2015-11-06 Jason Woofenden/admin_pages: fix cms_images icons for tall images
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenfix admin_images (crash), improve it
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenfix resolution on full-width images
2015-11-06 Jason WoofendenSCHEMA CHANGE, clean up /admin_images
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenfinish responsive images, revamp admin_images
2015-11-03 Jason Woofendenstyle mobile menu
2015-10-31 Jason Woofendenmake layout mosly responsive
2015-10-31 Jason Woofendenfinish style.css -> css.css
2015-10-30 Jason Woofendenstyl.styl -> style.styl, style.css -> css.css
2015-10-08 Jason Woofendenwfpl bump
2015-10-02 Jason Woofendenwfpl bump
2015-09-22 Jason Woofendenadmin_users: fix field_notes about password left blank
2015-09-22 Jason Woofendenhide whole menu bar if it's empty
2015-09-22 Jason Woofendenadmin_users.sql: create fixme account
2015-08-27 Jason Woofendendon't display php code
2015-08-13 Jason Woofenden/admin_pages: listing sorts, missing image doesn't...
2015-07-28 Jason Woofendenmake admin_images less picky about sizes syntax
2015-07-13 Jason Woofendenadd div to ckeditor styles
2015-06-25 Jason Woofendenckeditor bump
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenfix page editor when there's no images
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendencss tweak
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenadmin*: clean up headlines/titles
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenimprove admin page title
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenstylus helper for ckeditor sizing
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenmerge multiple ckeditors on one page fix
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenstylus: s/-/_/ in variable names
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenlet cms do header/title on /contact
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenadd nice admin_users
2015-06-23 Jason Woofendenupgrade login/password/session/auth handling
2015-06-22 Jason Woofendenmake all require()s jumpable
2015-06-22 Jason Woofendenwfpl bump
2015-06-12 Jason Woofendendon't truncate really big cms pages
2015-06-04 Jason Woofendenfix typos
2015-05-18 Jason Woofendenuse sha1 instead of mtimes for images
2015-05-08 Jason Woofendenimprove 404 behavior
2015-05-07 Jason Woofenden404 fake wfpl_main.php
2015-05-07 Jason Woofendenfix typo in comment
2015-04-17 Jason Woofendendisable server-side code except wfpl_main.php
2015-04-02 Jason Woofendenset unique id= on each ckeditor's <body>
2015-04-01 Jason Woofendenwfpl update (fix for recent session update)
2015-03-12 Jason Woofendenoops, don't run wfpl_main() twice
2015-03-12 Jason Woofendens/code/inc one more time
2015-03-12 Jason Woofendens/code/inc one more time
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendenremove obsolete type="text/javascript" from script...
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendendefine INC_WFPL, separate wfpl_main.php
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendenfix more paths (s/code/inc/)
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendenuse sensible paths for config, wfpl, etc