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descriptionwfpl-cms; A simple website/cms framework using WFPL
last changeFri, 8 May 2020 19:59:45 +0000 (15:59 -0400)
2020-05-08 Jason Woofendensilence more warnings master
2020-05-05 Jason Woofendenprogress on webpacking css
2020-05-03 Jason Woofendenindent with spaces
2020-05-03 Jason Woofendenstarting css rewrite
2020-05-03 Jason Woofendenlatest wfpl fixes a warning
2019-01-31 Jason Woofendendon't lowercase downloadable file filenames
2018-07-19 Jason Woofendenfix typo in caption on /admin_header
2018-01-02 Jason Woofendencontact: implement honeypot instead of visible robot...
2017-06-29 Jason Woofendendrop ie 8 support
2017-06-21 Jason Woofendenrender timestamps
2017-06-21 Jason Woofendenlink to archived versions from page edit page
2017-06-21 Jason Woofendenfirst entry in page history links to actual page
2017-06-20 Jason Woofendenpage edit history
2017-06-08 Jason Woofendenremove sql files now that it's all in inc/db_upgrade.php
2017-05-17 Jason Woofendenremove unused spritesheet definitions
2017-05-16 Jason Woofendendb_upgrade rework, admin_header, cleanup
12 months ago master