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2020-05-03 Jason WoofendenFix db_get_value after mysql->mysqli upgrade master
2020-03-22 Jason Woofendensupport encoding template sections
2019-02-05 Jason Woofendenoptimize and test db_reposition_respace()
2018-08-27 Jason Woofendenfix another 'undefined index' warninG
2018-07-03 Jason Woofendendon't be stingy with mutex.name field length
2018-07-03 Jason Woofendenfix warnings that get into tarballs
2018-01-18 Jason Woofendenadd id list formatter for db_printf
2018-01-07 Jason Woofendenphp7 compat for ymd_to_days, add str version
2018-01-06 Jason Woofendensilence some notices
2018-01-06 Jason Woofendenphp 7 compatibility
2017-12-20 Jason Woofendenspritesheets: no background-repeat
2017-09-25 Jason Woofendenadd enc_json
2017-06-08 Jason Woofendenupdate example code
2017-06-08 Jason Woofendenremove redundant php close tags
2017-05-16 Jason Woofendenadd db_upgrade(), persistent_invalidate_cache()
2017-05-03 Jason Woofendenmetaform: fix mtime trick for css file in html editors
2016-05-11 Jason Woofendenstylus: scaling spritesheets
2016-04-23 Jason Woofendenbetter error messages for failed db connect
2016-04-23 Jason Woofendenfix (notice level) syntax error
2016-02-21 Jason Woofendenstylus: wfpl_culumns: fix outer_width scaling
2016-02-21 Jason Woofendenstylus: fix sprite() so it doesn't require .n0 class
2016-02-21 Jason Woofendenstylus: finish/fix outer_width arg for columns
2016-02-21 Jason Woofendenstylus: space_evenly: don't require units on arg
2016-01-01 Jason Woofendenstylus helpers: add wfpl_columns()
2015-12-28 Jason Woofendenfix typo in comment
2015-12-08 Jason Woofendenmetaform itself (not generated code) <label> checkboxes
2015-11-12 Jason Woofendenadd note to file/image fields (old val kept)
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenadd enc_* to get resized cms_image urls
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenconvert_uploaded_image/gif_to_png handle animated gifs
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenadd: path_fix_ext() and path_or_mime_to_ext()
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendendb_connect() defers connecting 'til it's needed
2015-11-03 Jason Woofendenupload.php cleanup: really don't make dot files
2015-10-31 Jason Woofendenstylus: add function to easy linear scaling
2015-10-29 Jason Woofendenwork around REDIRECT_URL in apache 2.4.17
2015-10-08 Jason Woofendenavoid NOTICes by checking isset() first
2015-10-08 Jason Woofendenmetaform: merge empty caption/field divs
2015-10-02 Jason Woofendenmetaform: don't define INC_WFPL
2015-10-02 Jason Woofendenmetaform: when password required, use new api
2015-09-29 Jason Woofendenrelease public domain / CC0
2015-09-18 Jason Woofendenenc_htmlbrtab: don't double spaces
2015-09-18 Jason Woofendenstylus: support svg sprites with pixmap fallback
2015-07-13 Jason Woofendenmetaform: merge ckeditor settings from cms
2015-07-07 Jason Woofendenadd persistent.php (key/value store)
2015-05-26 Jason Woofendenfix typo from preg/ereg change
2015-05-26 Jason Woofendenfix enc_ functions for image/thumb parts
2015-05-26 Jason Woofendentar: allow uppercase letters in dirname
2015-05-26 Jason Woofendenuse preg instead of ereg
2015-05-26 Jason Woofendenuse isset() more to clean up notices
2015-05-26 Jason Woofendendb.php: SWITCH TO MYSQLI API
2015-05-26 Jason Woofendenfix loads of unset variable/index notices
2015-05-19 Jason Woofendenfix typo in comment/docs
2015-05-19 Jason Woofendenstylus: use underscore instead of hyphen
2015-04-06 Jason Woofendenincrease max radio buttons to 20
2015-04-01 Jason Woofendenfix session idle timeout, change defaults
2015-03-31 Jason Woofendenupdate db encoding of empty session, docs
2015-03-31 Jason WoofendenAPI CHANGE: new DB structure for sessions
2015-03-30 Jason Woofendendelete string_array.php (buggy, stupid)
2015-03-28 Jason Woofendenmetaform radios: use <label>, caption in html
2015-03-28 Jason Woofendenmetaform: new syntax for options, fix radio
2015-03-27 Jason Woofendenmetaform: indent sql with tabs
2015-03-27 Jason Woofendenformat_varname: contract contractions
2015-03-27 Jason WoofendenAPI CHANGE: db_count() returns integer
2015-03-27 Jason Woofendendocument return values of db_get_* when no match
2015-03-23 Jason Woofendenclean up comment in metaform/template.php
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendenmetaform: separate wfpl_main.php from config.php
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendenclean up my urls
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendenfix metaform (docs in tarbal)
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendentweak mod_rewrite rule
2015-03-03 Jason Woofendenclean up include paths and docs
2015-03-03 Jason WoofendenAPI CHANGE s/run_php/wfpl_main/
2015-02-18 Jason Woofendenmetaform: only require_once(email.php) if needed
2015-02-16 Jason Woofendenfix require_once() paths
2015-02-06 Jason WoofendenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-02-06 Jason Woofendenformat_varname prepends _ instead of deleting numeric...
2015-01-23 Jason Woofendenmetaform: make path in run.php jumpable
2015-01-12 Jason Woofendenmetaform css: fix bolding of first caption
2015-01-09 Jason Woofendenmetaform: fix download_tar() (stylus not less)
2015-01-08 Jason Woofendenmetaform: fix state and province pulldowns
2015-01-06 Jason Woofendenstylus: add h-offset to sprites macros
2015-01-02 Jason Woofendenstylus-helpers: don't set background color on sprites
2015-01-02 Jason Woofendenmetaform: newline at end of run.php
2014-12-18 Jason Woofendenmetaform: use stylus instead of less
2014-12-18 Jason Woofendenrelative rewriterule not supported in some versions...
2014-12-18 Jason Woofendenmetaform: make run.php include (instead of being a...
2014-12-04 Jason Woofendenstylus: sprites 0-based, add placeholder,noselect
2014-11-13 Jason Woofendenstylus: expand on sprites macros
2014-11-13 Jason Woofendenstylus-helpers: fix space-evenly, add dimensions
2014-10-28 Jason Woofendenmetaform: spaces between "if" and "(" in generated...
2014-10-17 Jason Woofendenstylus-helpers: add transparent vendor expansion for...
2014-10-15 Jason Woofendenstylus: more vendor upgrades, cleanup
2014-10-15 Jason Woofendenadd stylus-helpers.styl
2014-09-05 Jason Woofendenenc_htmlbrtab: convert tabs too (not just spaces)
2014-09-04 Jason Woofendenmake string_array utf8-compatible
2014-08-14 Jason Woofendendb: use utf8 for client encoding, use real_escape
2014-08-13 Jason Woofenden.htaccess works without knowing URL's pathname
2014-08-12 Jason Woofendenmetaform: set utf8 charset in .sql files
2014-08-11 Jason Woofendenmetaform: enter captions and optionally field names
2014-08-11 Jason Woofendenformat_caption/format_varname: split words on camelCase
2014-08-11 Jason Woofendenmetaform: remove buggy unused code from fields parser
2014-06-19 Jason Woofendenallow / in email subjects and names