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descriptionWFPL; a well-factored PHP library http://sametwice.com/wfpl
last changeSun, 3 May 2020 20:28:15 +0000 (16:28 -0400)
2020-05-03 Jason WoofendenFix db_get_value after mysql->mysqli upgrade master
2020-03-22 Jason Woofendensupport encoding template sections
2019-02-05 Jason Woofendenoptimize and test db_reposition_respace()
2018-08-27 Jason Woofendenfix another 'undefined index' warninG
2018-07-03 Jason Woofendendon't be stingy with mutex.name field length
2018-07-03 Jason Woofendenfix warnings that get into tarballs
2018-01-18 Jason Woofendenadd id list formatter for db_printf
2018-01-07 Jason Woofendenphp7 compat for ymd_to_days, add str version
2018-01-06 Jason Woofendensilence some notices
2018-01-06 Jason Woofendenphp 7 compatibility
2017-12-20 Jason Woofendenspritesheets: no background-repeat
2017-09-25 Jason Woofendenadd enc_json
2017-06-08 Jason Woofendenupdate example code
2017-06-08 Jason Woofendenremove redundant php close tags
2017-05-16 Jason Woofendenadd db_upgrade(), persistent_invalidate_cache()
2017-05-03 Jason Woofendenmetaform: fix mtime trick for css file in html editors
12 months ago master