Jason Woofenden

Computer Programmer


  • Programming (20,000+ hours over 25+ years)
  • Web Design (see pictures below)
  • Communication Skills
  • Databases (server-side)
  • Fixing your computer (sorry, I really am bad at this)


To empower people to conduct their businesses and personal lives with more efficiency, elegance, security and privacy.


I make software, websites, databases, games, etc.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss the possibility of working together.

Programming Portfolio

Programming Portfolio: HexBog
Programming Portfolio: VoR

Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio: salomafurlong.com
Design Portfolio: journeydance.com
Design Portfolio: kellybitov.com


Below are words from some very cool people I've worked with. Note: I didn't design most of these sites. In many cases I helped out in some other way, such as creating forms and databases.

Jason’s versatile skills make him both a people-person and a techie. He is a pleasure to work with and highly skilled with all things computer. If you get the chance to hire him, take it! You will be happy you did.

Saloma Miller Furlong, Author and Speaker

Working with Jason has been a terrific process. He's been super responsive, able, and apt. I think he enjoyed designing aspects of my website from scratch, figuring out the best and most ethical ways to give me what I wanted. He's delivered on time, under budget, and with solid performance. I particularly enjoyed his clear communication style about project segments. I recommend him highly, especially for those first starting out.

Root Cuthbertson, principal, Groove Paradise Productions

Jason Woof is terrific! He hosts two sites for me and provides invaluable help on both. If there's a problem, he comes up with a simple, elegant solution. I recommend him very highly if you want a website that not only works, but that works better. Thanks, Jason! You rock!

Trevor The Games Man, Entertainer

Jason built me a creative, professional website that clearly communicates my practice. He was a pleasure to work with, making the task simple and straight-forward. I highly recommend him!

Dr Jen Green, Naturopathic Doctor

Jason Woofenden has hosted my webpage for almost ten years. He is patient with my inexperience and promptly responsive to all my inquiries. My page is clear, attractive, well organized, and has directed many people to my work.

Verandah Porche, Poet.

I've also worked with Bill Fosher, Melody Glenn, Aubry Saxon, Contact Improv Boston, Deena Barselah, Selena, Susan Bonthron, Groove Paradise Productions, The Farmstead, Flying Leap Music and Rhode Island Sacred Harp.

Please contact me for more information.