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fix bug where first selection snaps to lines
[st.git] / config.def.h
2015-04-10 Jason Woofendenapplied st-scrollback.diff
2015-03-14 Christoph LohmannAdd Mod + Shift + c/v and no selclear.
2015-03-13 Roberto E. Vargas... Allow combinations with Backspace
2015-03-11 Ivan DelalandeBackspace value shouldn't depend on keypad state
2015-03-09 Christoph LohmannFinally resolving the backspace problem.
2014-09-29 Christoph LohmannRemoving an extra space.
2014-09-29 Christoph LohmannImplementing xzoomreset.
2014-09-23 Roberto E. Vargas... Add support for utmp in st
2014-08-19 Roberto E. Vargas... Make useful DEL in application mode
2014-08-15 Roberto E. Vargas... Convert VT102ID to a config variable
2014-06-21 Eric PruittFix typo in config.def.h
2014-05-14 Hiltjo PosthumaAllow mouse selection override using ShiftMask
2014-04-28 nonameDo not export chscale and cwscale.
2014-04-11 Roberto E. Vargas... Fix Backspace and Delete characters
2014-03-06 Roberto E. Vargas... Add sequence for printing the current selection
2014-03-06 Roberto E. Vargas... Add key definition for printer sequences
2014-02-02 Roberto E. Vargas... Make Shift+Home equal to CLS in ascii mode
2014-02-02 Roberto E. Vargas... Make CONTROL + DELETE delete a line
2014-01-31 Roberto E. Vargas... Fix SHIFT+DEL definition
2013-12-18 Mark EdgarReplace alignment tabs with spaces.
2013-12-18 Mark EdgarFix comments in config.def.h to match field names.
2013-12-18 Mark EdgarFix definition of F28 key.
2013-10-20 Mark EdgarIgnore numlock (Mod2Mask) for button events too.
2013-09-12 Christoph LohmannDefault volume of the bell is 0.
2013-09-12 Roberto E. Vargas... Add audible bell
2013-09-04 Mark EdgarCorrectly initialize altscreen when defaultbg is not 0.
2013-08-05 Eric PruittUse character size scaling factors
2013-07-04 Markus Teichfix: whitespace
2013-06-22 Markus Teichfix PageUp Modifier Mask in config.def.h
2013-06-01 Christoph LohmannBumping up the xfps so mouse motion won't reap the...
2013-05-04 Christoph LohmannAllow more complex delimiters for word selections.
2013-04-28 Christoph LohmannExplaining blinking for the dummies.
2013-04-28 Christoph LohmannAdd a possibility to modify the string sent by mouse...
2013-04-26 Christoph LohmannEnable blinking in st.
2013-04-13 Christoph LohmannDrawing a more visible rectangle as cursor on unfocus.
2013-04-03 Christoph LohmannAdd an option to disable alternative screens.
2013-03-29 Christoph LohmannAdd the possibility to have default highlight colors.
2013-03-29 Christoph LohmannAdding PgUp + Ctrl.
2013-03-29 Christoph LohmannAdding PgUp and PgDown + Ctrl to config.def.h
2013-02-23 Christoph LohmannAdd insert for the primary clipboard to MOD + Shift...
2013-02-19 Christoph LohmannImplement rectangular mouse selection.
2013-02-16 Christoph LohmannAdding a way to ignore bits in the state.
2013-02-15 Christoph LohmannThe refresh rate for the action needs to be high too.
2013-02-15 Christoph LohmannChanging the fps to something reasonable high.
2013-02-15 Christoph LohmannDoing it like the new run() was proposed.
2013-02-15 Christoph LohmannAdding a more efficient drawing code.
2012-12-10 Christoph LohmannBe careful about mar77i's patches.
2012-12-10 Christoph LohmannApplying the patch of mar771 right.
2012-12-09 Christoph LohmannApplying the change of the Del key assingment. Thanks...
2012-11-25 Roberto E. Vargas... Add support for End key
2012-11-25 Roberto E. Vargas... Add support for Supr key
2012-11-25 Roberto E. Vargas... Add support for insert key
2012-11-25 Christoph LohmannAdd a notice in the config.def.h file how to obtain...
2012-11-25 Roberto E. Vargas... Add key for toogling numlock handling
2012-11-19 Christoph LohmannRestoring the Alt + Backspace functionality. Thanks...
2012-11-16 Roberto E. Vargas... Add application cursor sequences for Home
2012-11-16 Christoph LohmannFixing some key issues with mc. Thanks nsz!
2012-11-15 Christoph LohmannOptimizing the key lookup to the X11 function key....
2012-11-15 Christoph LohmannMaking all function keys accessible.
2012-11-15 Christoph LohmannAdding support for XK_F35.
2012-11-15 Christoph LohmannFixing the return and keypad enter sent characters...
2012-11-15 Christoph LohmannThe crlf mode was reversed.
2012-11-15 Christoph LohmannFixing Return in non-crlf mode.
2012-11-15 Roberto E. Vargas... Use XK_ANY_MOD instead of XK_NO_MOD in key definition
2012-11-14 Roberto E. Vargas... Fix tab key
2012-11-13 Christoph LohmannThe style inquisition was here again.
2012-11-13 Roberto E. Vargas... Add missed key definitions
2012-11-13 Roberto E. Vargas... Add control and meta combinations for arrow keys
2012-11-13 Roberto E. Vargas... Remove hardcoded keys form kpress
2012-11-13 Roberto E. Vargas... Move Shift + Insert to shortcut
2012-11-03 Christoph LohmannFixing an out-of-bound bug in the selection code. Thank...
2012-11-02 Christoph LohmannMoving to the dwm config.h variable usage.
2012-10-28 Christoph LohmannRemoving the now senseless comment in config.def.h...
2012-10-28 Christoph LohmannAdding a more flexible fontstring handling, shortcuts...
2012-10-05 Christoph LohmannTurning on antialias by default really makes it more...
2012-10-04 Christoph LohmannThis adds the fontcache dependency to try something...
2012-09-30 Christoph LohmannRemoving the now obsolete definitions from the config...
2012-09-26 Christoph LohmannSwitching to Liberation Mono as default solely because...
2012-09-26 Christoph LohmannImplementing line drawing right.
2012-09-24 Christoph LohmannChanging the default font to DejaVu Sans Mono, which...
2012-09-24 Christoph LohmannInitial Xft support for st. More to follow.
2012-09-18 Aurélien Aptelconfig.def.h: typo in comment.
2012-09-14 Christoph LohmannImplementing italic-bold. This will require an increase...
2012-09-05 Christoph LohmannImplement italic font support.
2012-02-15 Aurélien Aptelfix default color overwriten bug.
2012-02-15 Aurélien Aptelshow dark cursor when unfocused.
2012-02-15 Aurélien Apteldocument possible configuration.
2011-10-06 Aurélien Aptelno palette limit (thx Nick)
2011-08-14 Aurélien Aptelfix custom key handling.
2011-04-21 Aurélien Aptelselection clicks, shift+arrow keys, fast(er) redraw...
2011-01-23 Aurélien Aptelfix insert key, terminfo and changed TERM back to st...
2010-11-18 Aurélien Aptelutf8 support! print text in delicious unicode greatness...
2010-09-02 Aurélien Aptelset terminal colors to xterm default ones.
2010-09-02 Aurélien Aptelremoved gfx chars not present in xterm acsc.
2010-08-31 Aurélien Apteladded correct line drawing characters for default font.
2010-08-30 pancakefix build