Jason Woofenden

Computer Programmer

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Please contact me if you have questions.

Online payment options:

  1. Venmo

    Send Venmo payments to @JasonWoof

  2. Pay Jason with a checking account

    Argh, yet again the provider I was using to take electronic payments from checking accounts no longer offers that service.

    So now the only way to pay online with your checking account is to use the "bill pay" feature that your bank probably has as part of their "online banking". Please find my full name (which doubles as my business name) address and amount due on my invoice.

  3. Pay Jason with a credit card (with fee)

    If you don't mind paying the processing fee, you can pay me with a credit card through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account, though sometimes you have to look very closely to see how to pay without creating one or logging in.

    Amount: $ Amount ($) + Fee ($) = $