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descriptionaf.coffee; a client for updating AppFog sites gracefully
last changeThu, 18 Apr 2013 12:45:29 +0000 (08:45 -0400)
2013-04-18 Jason Woofendenadd .editorconfig master
2013-04-18 Jason Woofendenqueue login requests, so it only happens once
2013-02-13 Jason Woofendenseamless upgrade: auto-detect which is new/old app
2013-02-13 Jason Woofendenapp_info can be before or after app_update_files
2013-02-13 Jason Woofendenwork around server bug to fix publish_seamless
2013-02-13 Jason Woofendenseamless upgrades, logging works async
2013-02-13 Jason Woofendenbe a little less verbose with stop/start/restart
2013-02-12 Jason Woofendenfit prompts into verbose/indentation scheme
2013-02-12 Jason Woofendenbe verbose (print api calls)
2013-02-12 Jason Woofendenmake multi-api call funcs session-aware
2013-02-11 Jason Woofendenjson_request always pass response, even if empty
2013-02-11 Jason Woofendenerrors and warnings to stderr
2013-02-11 Jason Woofendenallow any json_request to return plain text
2013-02-11 Jason Woofendenclient.coffee: parse and handle commandline arguments
2013-01-22 Jason Woofendenrefactor, note results of restart experiment
2013-01-22 Jason Woofendenbasic features for updating/checking one instance
8 years ago master