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descriptioncrayon_mockup: a web-based widget to sketch out design ideas. Live demo http://crayon_mockup.jasonwoof.com/
last changeTue, 19 Jan 2016 14:30:02 +0000 (09:30 -0500)
2016-01-19 Jason Woofendenmajor code cleanup (layers/controls) master
2016-01-08 Jason Woofendencode cleanup
2015-11-08 Jason Woofendensave/load from url hash
2015-11-07 Jason Woofendenexperimental pickling to url hash
2015-11-07 Jason Woofendencss bump
2015-11-07 Jason Woofendenboxes don't click/hover as if they're filled
2015-11-07 Jason Woofendenpolyline widget coming along
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenrename main.js -> js.js
2015-11-06 Jason Woofendenrename style.css -> css.css
2015-10-17 Jason Woofendenall 8 resize controls for box
2015-10-17 Jason Woofendenresize controlls are little arrows
2015-10-17 Jason Woofendenadd footer with license and source
2015-10-17 Jason Woofendencss bump
2015-10-17 Jason Woofendenfix hover
2015-10-17 Jason Woofendenediting/selection/hover working
2015-10-17 Jason Woofendenrect control points working a bit
7 years ago master