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2018-06-21 Jason Woofendendon't stop on foldmethod of other buffers master
2018-05-12 Jason Woofendenadd void to php keywords
2017-07-14 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: new keywords, folding for traits
2017-06-10 Jason Woofendenupdate list of openssl functions
2017-04-25 Jason Woofendencleanup whitespace and tweak docs wording
2017-04-25 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: correct docs about settings
2016-12-17 Jason Woofendenchanges by Bram (remove support for older than 6.0)
2016-12-11 Jason Woofendendrop vim < 5.8 (broken by theme compat anyway)
2016-12-05 Jason Woofendenbe consistent about abbreviating hi
2016-12-05 Jason Woofendenset all php colors and links as defaults
2016-07-27 Jason Woofendenfix spellchecking in strings, comments, heredocs
2016-06-28 Jason Woofendenadd more builtin functions
2015-12-26 Jason Woofendenadd new-ish class "magic methods"
2015-11-23 Jason Woofendendon't hilight inte integ boolea etc
2015-11-23 Jason Woofendenhilight string delemeters same as contents
2015-03-24 Jason Woofendenmove repo
2015-03-24 Jason Woofendentodo: simplify, no more partials
2014-09-18 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: bump modification date
2014-09-18 Jason WoofendenMerge remote-tracking branch 'blue/master'
2014-09-18 Jason Woofendentodo lists: cover odd corner case
2014-09-12 Daniel Hahlerphp: add E_DEPRECATED, E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR, E_USER_DEPR...
2013-12-15 Jason Woofendencoffee: more lookback, csv: quoted fields
2013-08-28 Jason Woofendenupdate last change date in header
2013-08-27 BlackEaglephp.vim :: add docbloc highlighting
2012-12-11 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: update "Last Change" header
2012-12-11 Jason Woofendenadd json_* functions (thank you j4miel)
2012-10-27 Jason Woofendenremoved chuck.vim
2012-10-15 Jamie LearmonthAdding support for json functions
2012-09-26 Jason Woofendenadd csv.vim for coloring columns
2011-10-20 Jason Woofendentodo lists: support up to 18 stars (from 9)
2011-10-20 Jason Woofendensupport :set compatible
2011-07-29 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: make sure bogus-curly doesn't over-match
2011-07-29 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: show syntax error on invalid chars in "$a[]"
2011-07-29 Jason Woofendentodo.vim: fix done ending with digit (but not p[1-9])
2011-07-29 Jason Woofendenadd (color) missing keywords
2011-07-29 Jason Woofendenadd nowdock support
2011-07-28 Jason Woofendenphp.vim: double quoted strings done!
2011-07-28 Jason Woofendenchange syntax and colors of todo files
2011-07-26 Jason Woofendenphp.vim string interpolation coloring coming along
2011-07-25 Jason Woofendencleanup backslash escaping code
2011-07-25 Jason Woofendengetting closer
2011-07-19 Jason Woofendentodo: don't always set bg, don't bg space prefixes
2011-07-19 Jason Woofendenadd: coffee.vim
2011-05-18 Jason Woofendendownloaded chuck.vim
2011-04-28 Jason WoofendenNew maintainer for php.vim (Jason Woofenden)
2011-04-28 Jason Woofendenfix \ highlighting in php strings
2011-04-28 Jason Woofendeninitial import
2011-04-28 Jason Woofendenroot