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2014-05-30 Jason Woofendenregister coffeescript compiler master
2014-05-30 Jason Woofendenbump node version (no changes needed)
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenfix keepalive
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendentry a little harder to send keepalive
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendensend a space every 12 seconds for keepalive
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenfix get/set url generation/parsing
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenadd debugging
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenchange hosting credit
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendensupport heroku's env var for port number
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendendeclare dependancy on lesscss
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendendon't specify localhost
2012-07-25 Jason Woofendenadd metadata for running on heroku
2012-02-18 Jason Woofendenmore debug messages
2012-02-18 Jason Woofendendebugging messages for requires
2012-02-18 Jason Woofendenset working directory in js wrapper script
2012-01-27 Jason Woofendenbetter way to get cwd right
2012-01-26 Jason Woofendenadded warning and hosting credit
2012-01-25 Jason Woofendenadd needed jquery and jquery-ui files
2012-01-25 Jason Woofendenadd hack to fix current working directory on nodester
2012-01-25 Jason Woofendenprint fs open/read error
2012-01-22 Jason Woofendenget nodester port from ENV
2012-01-19 Jason Woofendenadded server.js wrapper
2012-01-19 Jason Woofendenset game timeout to 3 hours
2012-01-19 Jason Woofendenuse nodester-assigned port
2012-01-16 Jason Woofendendestroy old games, and max out at 50 concurrent
2011-11-07 Jason Woofendenhosts multiple games at once, licensing
2011-11-07 Jason Woofendenadded README.md
2011-11-05 Jason Woofendenadd example cards from cardscape scrape
2011-11-05 Jason WoofendenLet drags go off the edge
2011-11-05 Jason Woofendenfix shuffling, auto hide/show card text overflow
2011-11-04 Jason Woofendenbasic card designer, new_cards api
2011-11-04 Jason Woofendenstart on deck designer
2011-11-03 Jason Woofendenfixed (recently broken) mark/flip on client
2011-11-03 Jason Woofendenobey z from messsages, avoid z conflicts
2011-11-03 Jason Woofendentweak hand caption and comments
2011-11-03 Jason Woofendenhide other players hand
2011-11-02 Jason Woofendenyou can drag onto piles
2011-11-02 Jason Woofendenfix view (flip x too), arrange piles correctly
2011-11-02 Jason WoofendenPiles display and removing cards mostly working
2011-11-02 Jason Woofendensave card number in jquery card object (card.view)
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendendraw deck starting to work
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendenstart of piles implementation
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendenremove obsolete comment
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendentrack z-axis (layer) on server, use for view init
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendensnap to grid so edges line up
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendenmousover temporarily brings card to front
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendendisplay opponent's cards upside down
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendennew cards in front, moved cards in front
2011-11-01 Jason Woofendencleanup, loading message
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenplayer 2 sees table mirrored vertically
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenmore test cards
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenfix [re]load to show initial flipped/marked state
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenclients ask/get initial state on [re]load
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenadd agent argument to set_cards
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenclient sync working (and spitting out debug cruft)
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenload common.coffe into client
2011-10-27 Jason Woofendenadd untested common.coffee
2011-10-26 Jason Woofendenupdate comments
2011-10-26 Jason Woofendencolored card areas (deck, hand, etc)
2011-10-26 Jason Woofendenyou can flip and mark cards
2011-10-26 Jason Woofendendragged cards always brought to front
2011-10-24 Jason Woofendenfix whitespace
2011-10-24 Jason Woofendenshuffling, started on state structure
2011-10-23 Jason Woofendenserve js from /javascript, make cards draggable
2011-10-23 Jason Woofendencoffeescript, html, less, server
2011-10-23 Jason Woofendenroot